How to screw up the appearance of a perfectly nice LX illustrated step by step.

It takes a real man to destroy a nice car.  Lord knows I got lots of practice at this....

rlx1.JPG (174112 bytes)  rlx2.JPG (144969 bytes)  rlx3.JPG (173147 bytes)  rlx4.JPG (141237 bytes)  rlx5.JPG (165380 bytes)  rlx6.JPG (230371 bytes)

rlx7.JPG (240661 bytes)  rlx8.JPG (188268 bytes)  rlx9.JPG (166322 bytes)  rlx10.JPG (159960 bytes)  rlx11.JPG (148184 bytes)  rlx12.JPG (225326 bytes)

rlx13.JPG (177955 bytes)  rlx14.JPG (231478 bytes)  rlx15.JPG (207804 bytes)  rlx16.JPG (168391 bytes)  rlx17.JPG (276590 bytes)  rlx18.JPG (264065 bytes)

rlx19.JPG (280381 bytes)  rlx23.JPG (185996 bytes)  rlx24.JPG (234820 bytes)

rlx20.JPG (187365 bytes)  rlx21.JPG (214691 bytes)  rlx22.JPG (188736 bytes)  Here's three pictures of an "absolutely rust-free trunklid" from "Strictly Ford" in California.   Wonder what you'd get if you said you wanted a mangy one?  Also, it was supposed to be "100% straight".....well, it was straight if you were blind and had no hands to feel it.  I'm an ASE certified bodyman, and to me it felt like someone beat the hell out of it with a pick hammer.

Beware of "Strictly Ford".....once bitten, twice shy.....

Granted, they refunded some of the money......but why was it misrepresented in the first place?  Hmmmmm.........

Gotta problem with this?  Grow some cojones and e-mail me.

Here's some more pics of the "pristine" trunklid as I was repairing the "imaginary" damage.  Even after a couple of evenings as far as I'm concerned (I'm picky as hell) it still sucks......I can see little waves all over it.

JUNKLID1x.JPG (146271 bytes)  JUNKLID3x.JPG (153061 bytes)  JUNKLID4x.JPG (131729 bytes)

Oh well....finished it up anyway......but that trunk lid's gonna piss me off every time I see it....

WTSND0x.JPG (153509 bytes)  WTSND1x.JPG (150574 bytes)  WTSND2x.JPG (164346 bytes)  WTSND4x.JPG (143236 bytes)

rlx25.JPG (171589 bytes)  rlx26.JPG (151642 bytes)  rlx27.JPG (148628 bytes)  rlx28.JPG (164472 bytes)  rlx29.JPG (379269 bytes)  rlx30.JPG (135824 bytes) 

rlx31.JPG (154395 bytes)  rlx32.JPG (168725 bytes)  rlx33.JPG (182934 bytes)  rlx35.JPG (136618 bytes)  rlx36.JPG (154510 bytes)  rlx37.JPG (155393 bytes)

Notice that the moron that painted it failed to mask off the grille emblem.  Duh!  Stupid damned bodymen, anyway.........

rlx724a.JPG (247672 bytes)  rlx724b.JPG (249295 bytes)  rlx724c.JPG (213865 bytes)  All sanded & wheeled out.......(and yes, I whined about the trunklid all the time I was doing it.....ask Raj!!).....and a new grille emblem.

Now we'll see how long he leaves it stock.......he was already heard to mutter something about it having a low 14 in it.


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