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'81 300TD wagon

'79 450SL


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09/23/03  New top on.

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  '80 280SLC (Euro-spec), M110 DOHC 6-cylinder/automatic, 172K KILOMETERS (107K miles), runs extremely well.  Typical Euro car....crank windows, cloth (heated!) seats, no cruise.  No smoke, stupid noises, or anything.  NO rust, gorgeous paint, new tires, good brakes and rides/drives "tight".  It goes like stink, and makes the most gorgeous 6-cylinder growl I've heard since I fell in lust hearing the snarl of a 6-cylinder E-Type Jag.  All I have to do is warm this thing up and crack the throttle, and I grin like an absolute idiot (it makes my wife nuts).  Nice clean brown (cloth) interior, good glass and gorgeous chrome and truly outstanding cosmetics inside and out.....a really "standout" nice car.  All "Euro" equipment intact including speedometer, shortwave radio, and vacuum-adjustable "Euro" headlamps. This was someone's "baby".  Everything is unmolested/unmodified, and everywhere you look you see indications of meticulous maintenance.  Expensive but worth it.  

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