Race Car Fab & Tinwork.  Paint, too.

All are thumbnails.

Hand-hammered body and "office" fab on a real live '60's FED.

Originally a AA/fuel car.

Not cheap....but can your local Maaco do this?  I think not.


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Fab work and paint on an utterly insane street/strip 2000 Mustang Cobra

The Pride and  Joy of Mike Wesley, Detroit, MI

fobra1325.jpg (72989 bytes)  fobra2325.jpg (69600 bytes)  fobra3325.jpg (67947 bytes)  fobra4325.jpg (238487 bytes)  fobra5325.jpg (120850 bytes)  mikefobra1.jpg (62834 bytes)           mikefobra3.jpg (67138 bytes)  mikefobra4.jpg (60957 bytes)  Note the pic to the left.  It still had a "window sticker in it!mikefobra5.jpg (58806 bytes) Can you say "low"?  That's why the fascia is "dzused" on.

2002nmra-columbus078.jpg (65470 bytes)  Outta' the box.....and it isn't even "close" yet.  10.50's and 105mph in the 1/8th.  Traction ain't a problem.

Flames?  Need that generic delivery van to "stick out"?

Carson City Auto Glass did.

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